SPG-20 Series

  • All major parts are casting (FC300, heat treated)
  • Machine base is a one-piece casting.
  • Several brackets inside the base contributing to great rigidity.
  • Machine leveling can be as easy as turning a bolt on the adjustable pad.
  • Bellows to protect the guide ways
  • High precision couplings on the wheelhead prevent slip and vibration.
  • X- axis: Hydrodynamic lubrication on the double V guide ways assuring non-wear out.
  • Y & Z axis : Box guide ways with forced lubrication ensuring precision, rigidity, and less frication.
  • Independent electrical cabinet with heat exchanger and light.
  • Coolant system is equipped with paper filter and magnetic separator.
  • Auto oil feeder on ballscrews provides timed lubrication.
  • Machine base is a one-piece casting, Leaking is out of the question.
  • The CNC control has both RS232 and CF port, DATA could be saved outside of the machine.
  • Various CNC grinding programs packed in.
Description/Model SPG–2030 SPG–2040 SPG–2050 SPG–2060
General Capacity Max. Table Size 2000x3000 2000x4000 2000x5000 2000x6000
Max. Chuck Size 2000x3000 2000x4000 2000x5000 2000x6000
X-axis Stroke 3300 4300 5300 6300
Z-axis Stroke 850
Dist. From Table Top to Wheel Bottom 800(Ø510)/opt.750(Ø610)
Distance Between Columns 2700
Max. Chuck Weight Height (kgs/mm) 4000 / 88 5300 / 88 6600 / 88 7900 / 88
Max. Loading of Table (kgs) 15000 20000
X-axis Hydraulic Stroke 3400 4400 5400 6400
Hydaulic Cylinder Spec. Ø125 x Ø90
Main Pressure Source (kg/cm2) 20 25
Hydaulic Pump (Q L/min) 226 / 189 ( 60Hz / 50Hz )
Max. Table Speed (M/min) 2~30
Y-Axis Rapid Traverse Speed (M/min) 10
Y-axis Stroke 1800
MPG per Graduation 0.001
Servo Motor (KW) 1.8
Z-axis Rapid Traverse Speed (M/min) 5
MPG per Graduation 0.001
Servo Motor (KW) 1.8
Z-axis Wheel Head Grinding Wheel Size Ø510x50xØ254 Opt. Ø610x50xØ254
Spindle Motor (HP) 15HP/Opt. 20HP
Spindle Speed (RPM) 1250 / 1050
Coolant Sys. Tank Volume 600
(Processing Volume) L/min 360
Motor (HP) 1 HP
Hyd. Sys. Tank Volume 1200
Motor (HP) 15
Lube Sys. Tank Volume 40
Motor (HP) 1
Machine Net Weight (kgs) 40000 45000 50000 55000
Packing Dimension
L x W x H (cm)
820x510x490 1020x510x490 1220x510x490 1420x510x490

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.

Optional Accessories

  • Balancing Stand
  • Electromagnetic Chuck
  • Auto. Demagmetizer
  • Spare Wheel Flange
  • Coolant System W/Mag. Sep. &Paper Filter
  • Coolant System W/Paper Filter
  • Wheel Balanceing System