Centerless Grinder


  • Both grinding & regulating wheel spindles are made of NI-CR-MO alloy steel, which is normalized and carbonized hardened and ground for longer spindle life and better accuracy.
  • Hydrostatic Babbitt bearings type spindle with a 3-point support design, surrounded by a high pressure oil film, eliminates metal-to-metal contact to provide heavy duty grinding capability as well as high vibration damping performance.
  • A pressure switch interlock prevents spindle start-up until oil pressure is established. This pressure switch interlock also stops the spindle if oil pressure fails for longer spindle life.
  • The regulating wheel travels on double V ways are hand-scraped and Turcite coated for precise and smooth movement to ensure high accuracy and longer way life.
  • Both grinding & regulating wheels are equipped with hydraulic dressing unit. Dressing speed is infinitely variable. Various profile dressing can be achieved with optional template.
  • Hydraulic dressing unit for the regulating wheel can be rapidly and precisely swiveled up to ±3°for grinding taper in infeed grinding and for providing better contact between workpiece and grinding wheel to achieve better surface roughness, roundness, & cylindricity.
  • All gears in the gearbox are made of Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel (SNCM-21), are hardened and precision-ground for smooth running and low noise.
  • The hydraulic system is air cooled to maintain constant oil temperature and separated from machine to eliminate vibration and dissipate heat.
  • Optional automatic loading & unloading for infeed & thrufeed can be custom-built to meet your requirements, so machine can run unattended, at a high production rate, while maintaining a tight tolerance.
Description/Model STC-12S NC
General Capacity Work Diamater (with Standard Workrest) (mm) Ø1~ Ø 50 (Ø0.04"~Ø1.18")
Work Diamater (with Special Workrest) (mm) Ø30~ Ø 50 (Ø1.18"~Ø2")
Auto Infeed Increment (NC Model) (mm) Ø0.001~9.99
Grinding Wheel Grinding Wheel Spindel Speeds (rpm) 1900
Dressing Increment per graduation (mm) 0.02 (0.0005")
per revolution (mm) 2 (0.05")
Reulating Wheel Reulating Wheel Spindle Speeds (Infinitely Variable) (rpm) 15~310
Handwheel per graduation (mm) 0.04 (0.002")
per revolution (mm) 4 (0.2")
Swivelling Angle(R & L) ±5°
Inclining Angle ±5°~ -3°
Dressing Increment per graduation (mm) 0.02 (0.0005")
per revolution (mm) 1.5 (0.059")
Rapid Feeding of Saddle Handwheel per graduation (mm) 0.05 (0.00125")
per revolution (mm) 7 (0.25")
Micro Feeding of Saddle Handwheel per graduation (mm) 0.001 (0.00004")
per revolution (mm) 0.2 (0.005")
Motor Grinding Wheel Motor (kW) 5.6 / (opt.7.4)
Hydraulic Motor (kW) 1.5
Infeed Servo Motor (NC model) (kW) 1
Machine Size/ Weight Net Weight, approx. (kg) 1800 (3960lbs)
Gross Weight, approx. (kg) 2200 (4840lbs)
Packing Dimension (L x W x H - mm) 2250 × 1670 × 1850 (89" × 66" × 73")

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.

Optional Accessories

  • Balancing Stand
  • Coolant System W/Paper Filter
  • Input Rail & Output RaiL (L:8" / EA)
  • Spare Grinding Wheel
  • Spare Wheel Flange
  • Coolant System W/MAG. Sep. &Paper Filter
  • Thrufeed Blade (Various Sizes)
  • Infeed Workrest (STD)
  • Infeed Blade (Various Sizes)
  • Hydraulic Auto Infeed Attachment
  • Air Eject Attachment
  • Long Thrufeed Guides (6FT/EA) W/Stands
  • Loading System (Conveyor Type)
  • Receiver
  • Automatic Loading For Thrufeed
  • HYD.Forming Attachment
  • Forming Plate /Forming Arbor
  • Electrical Eject Attachment
  • SBS Dynamic Balance System