Internal Grinder

GI-150CNC Series

  • CNC controlling 2 axis of table left, right feed and grinding wheel federate. X-axis closed-loop design, applying 0..05μm resolution linear scale to ensure the positioning and repeatability accuracy of the feeding axis.
  • Apply linear guide that enables fine feed of 0.1μm, the minimum setting unit of both table guide face and cut guide face. By improving position definition and repetition accuracy, power on edge face and dead-end grinding is brought out.
  • With certain tension and regardless to grinding resistance, belt of grinding wheel spindle is expanded and without slippage that its rotation accuracy is improved.
  • Chuck core is as low as 1000mm,change such as work disconnection, grinding wheel replacement is easy and without troublesome.
Description/Model GI-150CNC
General Capacity ID Grinding Range (mm) Ø6~Ø150 (Ø0.25"~Ø6")
Max. Grindinf Depth (mm) 125 (5")
Max. Swing to Dresser (mm) Ø220 (8.6")
Swing of Chick Cover (mm) Ø260 (10.2")
Spindle Center Height (mm) 1050 (41.3")
Chuck Type (inch) 6" Hydraulic Chuck (Opt. 8")
Max. Loading (kg) 50 (110lbs)
Workhead Spindle Speed (rpm) Max. 1000
Swivelling Angle C.W.15°~C.C.W.5°
Servo Motor (kW) 1.5
X Axis Feedback System Closed_Loop System
Travel (mm) 200(7.9")
Rapid Feeding Rate (M/ min) 8
Min. Increment Infeed (mm) Ø0.001 (0.0001")
Servo Motor (kW) 1.8
Z Axis Wheel Spindle Motor (kW) 2.2 (2P)
Wheel Spindle Speed (rpm) 8,000~30,000
Travel (mm) 560 (22")
Z Axis Driven by Servo Motor 1.8kW
Rapid Feeding Rate (M/ min) 8
Min. Increment Infeed (mm) 0.001 (0.0001")
Coolant System Tank Capacity (L) 120
Coolant Pump 80 L/min 0.7kg/cm2
Lubrication System Lubrication Pump 5.2 L/min 10kg/cm2
Hydraulic System Hydraulic Pump 20 L/min 55kg/cm2
Machine Size/ Weight Machine Cover Type Full Enclosure Splash Guard / Manual Door
Net Weight (kgs) 3500 (7716lbs)
Gross Weight (kgs) 4000 (8818lbs)
Packing Dimension (L x W x H - mm) 2980 × 2280 × 2250 (117" × 90" × 88")

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.

Optional Accessories

  • HYD. 3-Jaw Chuck
  • I.D Spindle (Various Rpm)
  • MAG. SEP. &Paper Filter
  • Paper Filter
  • Oil-Mist Separator