Cylindrical Grinder

G20P/G25P Series

  • Sturdy rigid-designed workhead offers four variable speeds from 50 to 500 rpm and swivels ±45°for various grinding operations.
  • The design of the tailstock is both rigid and robust. Housed in a cast body, the hardened nitralloy steel sleeve is designed to carry a MT3 center.
  • Cartridge type wheel spindle is equipped with four super precision angular contact class 7 (ABEC) bearings ensure high accuracy
  • One V and one flat hand-scraped guideways are Turcite coated and incorporated with an automatic lubrication system and micro-stepping motor. Smooth movement of the wheelhead delivers longer way life with superior positioning accuracy and repeatability.
  • Universal table with variable speeds can be swiveled up to 7º in either direction for cylindricity corrections and taper grinding applications.
  • Slideways, leadscrews are continuously lubricated by an auto-lube system to ensure long service life and maintain maximum accuracy.
  • Optional internal grinding attachment swings down into working position easily and quickly. It can grind workpieces with bores ranging from dia.24-70mm and depth up to 70mm.
  • Optional hydraulic tailstock with foot pedal is available for easy loading and unloading of parts.
  • PLC control uses a menu-driven LCD touch screen is easy to learn and easy to set. Simply fill in the blanks to set total grinding amount, rough increment, fine increment, sparkout passes, feeding direction, parking position, and retracting clearance, and press cycle start to complete automatic grinding cycle. (NC models only)
Description/Model G20P– 50M / NC G25P– 50H / NC
General Capacity Swing over Tabel (mm) Ø200 (Ø8") Ø250 (Ø10")
Distance between Centers (mm) 500 (20")
Max. Grinding Diameter (mm) Ø200 (Ø8") Ø250 (Ø10")
Max. Load Held between Cenetrs (kg) 80 (176lbs)
Grinding Wheel Diameter x Width x Bore (mm) Ø355 × 38 × Ø127
(Ø14" ×1.5" × Ø5")
Ø405 × 50 × Ø127
(Ø16" × 2" × Ø5")
Max.peripheral speed (M/min) 2000
( X Axis )
Swivelling Angle(R & L) - ±30°
Infeed Travel 160 (6.3") 135 (5.3")
Handfeed Travel (mm) 160 (6.3") 90 (3.5")
Automatic Rapid Travel (mm) - 45 (1.77")
Top Slide Travel - 180 (7")
Auto Increment Infeed (NC model) Ø0.001 ~Ø0.999 (Ø0.001" ~ Ø0.0999")
Handwheel per Graduation Ø0.005 (Ø0.0002")
Handwheel per Revolution Ø2 (Ø0.1)
Wheelhead Swivelling Angle +10° ~ -45°
Center Taper (MT) MT 3 (opt. 5C)
Spindle Speed (rpm) 150 / 264 / 156 / 480
Tailstock Center Taper (MT) MT 3
Quill Travel (mm) 25(1")
Table (Z Axis) Swivelling Angle C.C.W 10°
Traverse Speed (mm/min) 80 (3") / 140 ( 5.5") / 230 ( 9")
Handwheel per Revolutionmm 9 (0.35")
Internal Grinding Spindle Speed (rpm) 15000 (or 30000)
Max. Grinding Bore (mm) Ø24~ Ø70 (Ø0.95"~ Ø2.76")
Max. Grindind Length (mm) 70 (2.8")
Max. Chucking Length (mm) 275 (10.8")
Max. Chucking Diameter (mm) Ø110 (Ø4")
Motor Wheel Spindle Motor (kW) 2.2 3.75
Workhead Spindle Motor (kW) 0.375
Coolant Pump 80 L/min 0.7kg/cm2
Hydraulic Pump 20 L/min 55kg/cm2
Internal Grinding Motor (kW) 0.375(2P) 1.5(2P)
Machine Size/ Weight Net Weight (kgs) 1850 (4070 lbs) 2800 (6160 lbs)
Gross Weight (kgs) 2250 (4950 lbs) 3200 (7040 lbs)
Packing Dimension (L x W x H - mm) 2220×1370×1880

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.

Optional Accessories

  • I.D Spindle
  • Balancing Stand
  • Manual Leaver 5C Colser
  • 5C Collets
  • Parallel Fressing Attachment (Manual)
  • Parallel Fressing Attachment (Manual)
  • Hydraulic Parallel Dressing Attachment
  • 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck
  • 4-Jaw Chuck
  • 4-Jaw Scroll Chuck
  • Fixed Back Plate
  • Adjustable Back Plate
  • 2-Point Steady Rest
  • 3-Point Steady Rest
  • Digital Readout
  • Radius Dressing Device
  • Angle Fressinf Device
  • Spare Grinding Wheel
  • Spare Wheel Flange
  • Coolant System w/mag. Sep. &paper filter
  • Coolant System w/paper Filter