Important Milestones, Supertec Machinery Incorporated.

Important Milestones




IPO Stock NO:4547。

Capital increased to NTD261 million

2012 Capital increased to NTD211 million
2009 "Taipei International Machine Tool Show TIMTOS", exhibition "gantry plane CNC grinder", "GU Universal Cylindrical Grinder" and other new products. Surface grinder for creating new values​​, in cooperation with the PMC SBIR "SS double-precision surface grinder vertical grinding technology" development plan。
2007 Completed construction of our new factory and moved into the Central Taiwan Science Park in November.  Capital increased to NTD161 million
2007 German "EMO Hannover Exhibition", exhibition "Grind Master composite triaxial CNC internal grinding machine."。
2006 Capital increased to NTD141 million
2005 Capital increased to NTD91 million

Granted formal access to relocate to the Central Taiwan Science Park by the Executive Yuan National Science Council to develop high precision linear motor driven grinding machines and production equipment for the 3C industry.

2003 Changed name to “Supertec Machinery Inc“.,ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System certified in order to provide customers with the best guarantee of product quality.。
2002 Start with the UK J & S companies ODM cooperation

Introduced the new “Planotec” series of Surface Grinders at Taiwan International Machine Tool Show, Taipei (TIMTOS) in response to high precision machining requirements from the 3C industry.

2000 “Swing Arm OD Measuring Device” successfully patented.
1999  Awarded a second patent for the “Reference Plane Measuring Device.
1999  Slideway Forced Lubrication System” successfully patented.
1998 Grinding Wheel Stability and Lubrication System” successfully patented.

CNC Angular Cylindrical Grinder: G30A-50CNC earned top prize in the “Machine Tool Design Competition.”

1997 Hydraulic Universal Cylindrical Grinder CE certified by SLG Pruf, Germany
1995 Successful completion of development and export of the first CNC Angular Cylindrical Grinder with assistance from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industrial Development Bureau
1993 Started development on the CNC Plunge Cylindrical Grinder
1991 Capital increased to NTD51 million
1990 Established our first US branch office to expand into markets there
1989 Signed a Technical transfer agreement to purchase Know-How from Italian manufacturer “Grisetti & Co.” with one million US dollars, and procured high precision production technology. This markedly improved productivity and competitiveness
1986 Registered “Supertec” trademark.
1982 Capital increased to NTD10 million
1975 Participated in the ”First Taiwan Machinery Fair” organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in Taipei and received wide acclaim for our machines with many orders
1973 Renamed as the "Shing Teck Machinery Works Co., Ltd." to expand the scale to increase production, moved to Taichung City Road, registered capital of $ 1.2 million paid-in capital 1,200,000。
1967 Developed the Fully Auto Hydraulic Surface Grinders P-20AD, P-30AD; High Precision Centerless Grinders C-12, C-20; and the Precision Cylindrical Grinder G-250
1966 Considering the fast pace of industrial and commercial development in Taiwan and the leadership of the machine tool industry, we re-invested in the R&D of grinding machine design and manufacture, and changed our name to Shing Teck Precision Machinery Works Co., Ltd.
1960 Purchased 170 ping of land (~560m² / 6050ft²) at Shi-Chai Rd. Taichung, Taiwan and constructed factory space for the design and manufacture of motorcycle and automobile parts
1954 Established in Taiping, Taichung County, Taiwan manufacturing bicycle parts. Supertec originally opened under the name Shing Teck Chi Iron Works。

Factory appearance over the years
2007 Supertec Machinery Inc. officially stationed in Central Taiwan Science Park
1985   New three-floor factory was built at the same premise.
1973 Shing Teck Machinery Works Co., Ltd. at Pei-Toun Rd.
1966 Shing Teck Precision Machinery Works Co., Ltd. at Shi-Chai Rd.
1954 Shing Teck Chi Iron Works in Taiping.